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Standard (or stock) Oscar only provides 6 types of content blocks: Raw HTML, Image, Single Product, Automatic Product List, Hand Picked Product List, Multi Image. Those, in most case, well afford all normal needs of page content creation. But if you need a new special one, with unique styling, you should create a new content block type. Read more
What are comprehensions, generators, decorators, descriptors? Read more
I've just found out that TAB still has effect with path of remote machine when working with SSH. It works only when you have your key authorized by remote sshd. Small happiness of the day! Read more
One thing that I just found out yesterday is that duplicated results of QuerySet exist. That is also mentioned inside the Django document but I saw that only after I knew it. That could be acceptable, and easy to deal with in case of getting normal results (and they waste resources). But that is an issue if you want to get the count of results Read more
Yesterday I found one of my sites having some wrong search results returned, many strange entries appeared. I did rebuild the whole index and things went fine. But then, another new site within the local network shown the similar problem, it uses Elasticsearch too. I decided to reindex the site just like the previous one, similar result achieved. Read more
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Django, Searching

Our story started since 2009 when our educational website has more than 20.000 documents and running on Plone 2.5. Its indexing/calaloging/searching was truly a nightmare. The whole site went freezed whenever a curious user performed search request or browsing the content directory. That was not going much better even when we implemented ZEO architecture on separated servers. Read more
I have to confess that I don't have enough self-confidence to work with Flash Builder without Code Assist (differently with Python). Sometimes, Code Assist denies to work. This causes pretty much of trouble when the project is big and in rush. I googled a lot but couldn't found any applicable solution. Some would work one other cases but not this; Read more
I did tried escape() and encodeURL() today on my input strings. However, all the unicode texts went broken while being receved. And then after some searches, I thought that we really need to forget these two function when dealing with unicode string. Read more
You should be careful with the returned value or there will be no success function called. Let make an example of the view code on Django side, which processed the Ajax request and return results if necessary. ... return HttpResponse("{'code':'1'}", mimetype='application/json') Read more
Right after every clean installation, the system runs really fast and sound. Then day after day, full of miscellaneous, temp files, old packages, back-ups,... appeared and make your storage exactly like a junk yard. One effective first move in order to re-organize this mess is using disk usage analysis tools. Read more
When you think about deploying Git with some UIs, Gitlab is a good choice, yet not pertfect. Beside, we could also try GitWeb, and Gitorious. Gitlab is a combination of Git, Gitolite and some abilities on managing projects, users, issues, and requests,... Read more
I have several repositories inside a 'git' user which serves some other members, who all have access via ssh protocol to clone the repository. It's quite busy when having new project or member, I have to do some procedures step by step on the server shell. It's need more configurations because it currently doesn't support custom user/repository permission, all is using git account and having access to all git repos inside. Read more
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