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Using Django shell with IPython Notebook

Using Django Shell with IPython console is great. However, we would have more advantages when trying through web interface of IPython Notebook.

Just a little bit frustrated when writing multiple lines in text console of Django shell (even with IPython). Also, it's not very convenient to reuse the old lines or manage/retrieve old sessions... It can, but not very fun to use.

I think switching between IPython text console and notebook could better adapt our development work. OK, you should try it when having chance. Here are few steps to made in case of working with django inside virtualenv:

1. Install IPython (if not ready):

pip install ipython

2.Install django_extensions:

pip install django_extensions

3. Put 'django_extensions' into INSTALLED_APPS tuple of settings

4. Install additional products (if missing):

pip install pymzq jinja2 tornado

5. Fire it up:

./manage shell_plus --notebook
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