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How do you usually start the coding session after booting your machine? I mostly used console with Bash, Vim, MC,... so the typical routine was firing up every single tab then typing on it. Now, I think it's time to leverage the power of laziness. Read more
I just wrote a Django application to separately import content as new Blog post, images inclusive. There is an option to trigger the importing via console, using command via However, right after having all post content and related images shown inside the admin area, ready to be edited or published, all newly imported images don't appear properly. They are recognized as folder and no thumbnails along. Read more
I recently have a request to fix an issue related to Safari browser on iOS, and the problem is I don't have any Xcode or MacOS nearby in order to easy the investigation process. Then I found JSConsole, which helped me complete the task with a surprise of its simplicity. Read more
This is a really good talk about programmers (0x, rock star, or others...), one of the most favourite talks of PyCon 2015 in Montréal Read more
There are already number of solutions for scraping online web data using Python, or you can just simply write a Python script doing the work. I started develop and maintain django-scraper originated from my own demand, and still keeping it improved and better serves diversity of requirements. In brief, given a starting page, it can crawl other linked sources then scrape/extract almost any data present in those pages (including text, HTML, images, or other media files). Operation output is represented in JSON and with complex results with other filed downloaded, all can be placed inside a Zip file. Read more
Sometimes I feel a little bored when having to add lot of models into admin section, especially during the development. Therefore, I made django-quickadmin with hope it will ease that registering process. Read more
Using Django Shell with IPython console is great. However, we would have more advantages when trying through web interface of IPython Notebook. Read more
Each time having a push or pull request to your repository, it is great when having the product built, tested, and received final report automatically. Linking your Github repo to Travis CI, greatly helps you doing that time-consuming and tedious work. Read more
My experience on leveraging shortcuts or snippets in developing with Django projects, especially when coding in Vim. Read more
Some small hints/notes about deleting media files, referenced object, and sorl-thumbnail Read more
A really good introduction and basic guideline about Linux pipelining. Read more
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Start with Vagrant

How I started with Vagrant to build sample environment for VOER Platform Read more
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