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Using JSConsole for debugging mobile pages

I recently have a request to fix an issue related to Safari browser on iOS, and the problem is I don't have any Xcode or MacOS nearby in order to easy the investigation process. Then I found JSConsole, which helped me complete the task with a surprise of its simplicity.


  • Bug happens with only iOS Safari browser
  • Only have Linux in hand
  • Don't want to install virtual MacOS or Xcode (too much hassle and resources)
  • Want to know what triggers the issue

<stolent> is a simple JavaScript command line tool. However, it also provides the ability to bridge across to other browser windows to remotely control and debug that window - be it in another browser or another device altogether.</stolent>

What I tried is exactly instructed from this page:

  1. Go to
  2. Start new session using :listen
  3. Inject provided script tag into the suspicous page HTML
  4. Reload the page on iPad
  5. Checkout logs or add Javascript commands in the listening jsconsole page

Pretty cool huh? Thanks to the jsconsole team for saving my time and helped my laptop fan lives longer.

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